Careless Observations

Hi, I'm Rachel...

.. and I'm a 22 year old aspiring designer/singer/thespian that feels like her time is running out, who lives in a little country in Asia called Singapore.

I blog lyrics, quotes, youtube videos, my different playlists, anecdotes about life, rants of frustration and pictures of things around me.

I reblog pretty things, inspirational stuff, funny GIFs, creative posts, interesting graphics, music-related things, GLEE-ful moments and One Direction.

I'd like to think that I am totally uninsipid. (:

Spoils of the day: Sticky’s Rock Mix and Acid Drops. Taking the sweet with the sour. (:

Macaroons from River Gauche Patisserie. Hope they taste as sweet as they look? (: (Taken with Instagram)

Strawberry with white chocolate cupcake. Simple, but effective. Haha!! (: (Taken with Instagram)

Pretty cupcakes from our client!! I’m eyeing the strawberry with white chocolate cupcake. Hee… :3 (Taken with Instagram)