Careless Observations

Hi, I'm Rachel...

.. and I'm a 22 year old aspiring designer/singer/thespian that feels like her time is running out, who lives in a little country in Asia called Singapore.

I blog lyrics, quotes, youtube videos, my different playlists, anecdotes about life, rants of frustration and pictures of things around me.

I reblog pretty things, inspirational stuff, funny GIFs, creative posts, interesting graphics, music-related things, GLEE-ful moments and One Direction.

I'd like to think that I am totally uninsipid. (:

"But I won’t give you my heart
‘Cause it don’t break twice"
Under The Sun, Cheryl Cole
"Too much of anything can make you sick
Even the good can be a curse
Makes it hard to know which road to go down
Knowing too much can get you hurt"
Fight For This Love, Cheryl Cole
"I’m sure you’ll tell me anything under the sun
Like how you think I’m special and the only one
Cause normally I’ll probably just get up and run
But you looking so damn good to me under the sun"
Under the Sun,Cheryl Cole

Under the Sun, Cheryl Cole

"Anything that’s worth having
Is sure enough worth fighting for
Quitting’s out of the question
When it gets tough gotta fight some more"
Fight For This Love,Cheryl Cole

Fight For This Love,Cheryl Cole